Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why don't I drink more water?

My gut tells me that most of the problems I deal with, physically have to do with not being well hydrated. I'm a healthy and active person, and I feel good (most of the time) but when I don't drink enough water I feel tired, get a dull headache, dry skin, sore joints. When I'm conscious about increasing my water intake I feel better almost immediately, so you would think I'd train myself to simply drink more water more often.

I don't really understand why I have a problem with drinking enough water. A lot of other people have told me they have the same problem, so apparently it's not just me. It's not that I have an aversion to water, I just don't get around to pouring myself a glass and drinking it very often. And oftentimes I'll pour myself a glass, sit down to drink it, and end up sharing it with a tiny person who backwashes his most recent snack into it. Somehow the glass of water loses its appeal pretty quickly when that happens. Having a toy or a sticky hand receive a bath in my glass of water is pretty icky, too. Regardless of the possibility of ickiness, though, I really just need to get myself a drink more often, for the sake of taking good care of my body. There are too many days when I don't drink more than a glass or two of water and then I get super thirsty when I sit down at night so I'll drink three or four glasses in one sitting, and that never makes for a good night of sleep.

As I head to the kitchen to refill my glass.

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