Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The power of placentas and menstruation.

I just had an interesting conversation with some good friends about placentas, and whether or not it is weird to make "placenta art" in the shapes of hearts, call them "lovely" and "beautiful" and make other such emotional connections with this organ. It's funny that this is the conversation that happened when I was stewing over a post about how my menstrual cycle makes me feel like Super Woman.

It seriously does. I'm all about fresh starts and new beginnings lately, and it's like I get a fresh start every 28 days. In my journey along the path of personal health and wellness I've learned a lot lately about the significance of the menstrual cycle, and what I've learned is empowering. Our emotional and psychological health is so intricately tied in with our monthly cycle, and as I've been reading and learning I've recognized this within myself and begun to feel in touch with myself on an entirely new level. This past month was particularly exciting for me because in addition to keeping track of my physical fertility symptoms (to track my ovulation, something I keep track of each month as my method of birth control) I realized that I was able to recognize emotionally when my fertile phase of the month ended.

Today is the second day of my period (and no, it's not like me to just announce that to the world, but we're all about fresh starts here, right?) and I'm strongly aware of my physiological need to "clean house", to stay close to home and organize my nest, so to speak. The book I'm reading, Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom, says that the time between menstruation and ovulation is a time for energetic activity and new projects, so here's hoping I've picked a good time in my cycle for my new blogging project. Tonight, as I bask in the power of my female awesomeness, I'm definitely feeling good energy for this fresh start.

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