Sunday, January 8, 2012

My perfect birth song.

Before my home birth with BooBoo I spent a lot of time putting together a playlist of all different kinds of music on my iPod, so I could listen to anything that I felt like and zone out into my headphones while laboring. It turned out that there was only one song I actually wanted to listen to.

Through my entire transition and right up until the moment I pushed him out I played James Taylor's Greatest Hits, but I'd have been perfectly content just to listen to Carolina In My Mind over and over again. In fact, at the end when my headphones were taken off, it wasn't because I wanted them to. I would have been happy to listen to the song right up until the moment I held my baby in my arms. I don't know what Mr. Taylor himself would have to say about this, but I love the fact that I labored while completely zoning out to these beautiful lyrics and calming music. In fact, I wasn't going to Carolina or anywhere else in my mind, I was deep within my body and deeply experiencing my contractions, feeling my body and my baby work together - but this soothing and beautiful song really helped me find my relaxation and inner focus.

Have you listened to music during labor? What is your "perfect birth song"?

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