Friday, January 4, 2013

Moving Mountains

Well, moving one mountain, anyway. Today, in preparation for the next few days when The Man will be at work and I'll be home with the kids trying to get things packed on my own, I moved The Mountain (basically everything that belongs in both bedrooms) from the spot where it took up about 2/3 of our living room to the bedroom which I completely emptied yesterday. I could actually feel the tension level falling in the house as The Mountain disappeared from the living room and in its place grew a pleasant little arrangement of toys for the kids. They'll be able to safely hang out in the living room, and I can close off the bedroom where everything is stacked in boxes. On moving day (four more days!!) it will be very easy to just move the boxes from where they're stacked to where trucks are waiting in the parking lot.

Random thought for the night. Our new place has a washer/dryer hookup, but we don't have a washing machine or the funds to purchase one right away. I like to think of homemade solutions, though, so I've been thinking about a solution that involves some scavenged parts from a broken washing machine for the time being. I think it would be pretty easy to build some kind of barrel that holds the drum from inside a washing machine, and the clothes could be washed pretty easily by sloshing and agitating them with some wash water in the drum. The biggest issue would be squeezing enough water out of the clothing so that it could hang to dry effectively, but The Man suggested a design involving a bicycle, so that I could pedal it and spin it around pretty quickly. I admit that we've been hooked on watching The Colony lately, and in the interest of full disclosure they did build some kind of bicycle washing machine contraption in the first season, so that may have had an impact on our plan. I should mention that the washer hookup is outdoors, just outside the back entrance to the house. There's definitely no space in the house to build any kind of nonsense with a broken washer or a bicycle in any form. I'm kind of excited about this project, though, even just to see if I can actually put this thing together!

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  1. Mountains' is really the exact word for tons of your belongings needed to be packed. It can be quite a challenge for others, and I’m amazed that you handled it well. Being organized is the key to make packing easier to accomplish. How was your moving experience, anyway? I hope everything fell into their right place – from delivering all your things and furniture to the new house, and to the unpacking itself. Pedro @