Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Moving Frenzy

When we woke up yesterday morning, our apartment looked normal. Now we have a mountain of packed boxes in the living room, one completely empty bedroom, and one bedroom where the four of us are living like vagabonds with all of our beds and the clothes we need for the next few days. Toys and crafts for the kids are packed but easily accessible, and an empty room means a safe place for them to play while I pack and organize. It's all coming together, and in less than a week we'll be in our new place.

Moving day will be the 7th. It's really happening, and it's in just a few days! We're beyond excited and very frazzled as we're making this all come together. Today one of our neighbors here at the apartment very kindly offered to help us move with his flatbed trailer, which will save us the cost of getting a UHaul trailer. Several other friends have spontaneously offered their trucks and help with childcare, and we're so thankful! When we first made these plans there was a moment of panic about how we'd pull it all together, but then offers of moving help started to come in and we realized it was possible.

And today, getting one of the bedrooms completely empty, I felt like we'd achieved something that seemed impossible at first. That was a mountain of work when we got started on it, and by the end of the day as I picked up the last couple of things and our wonderful six year old got to work vacuuming the floor, it was a real sense of accomplishment that I know we all felt.

Tonight my legs are sore, my feet ache as if I've walked up a mountain, and there are bruises on both of my arms from where I've lifted countless boxes and crates. Thankfully the hard work and the stretching has remedied the sore spot in my neck from a bad night of sleep a few nights ago. My head is throbbing from a headache that has come and gone over the past 24 hours, and I am about to crawl into my warm bed in our little family den and hopefully get a few hours of some deep, restorative sleep.

The 7th. Just a few more days. We can do this!!

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